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Wisdom teeth can push the rest of your teeth out of alignment and make your gums and jaws sore. Coron Dental Team has a gentle touch when it comes to wisdom teeth extraction. With STA painless injection system and modern extraction techniques, the wisdom teeth removal is easy and painless. Schedule your evaluation by using the online scheduling system, or by calling the clinic.

Wisdom Teeth Q & A

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth pulled?

When all of your adult teeth are in, including both sets of molars, you should have 28 teeth vying for room in your mouth. But usually, around your late teens, an extra four teeth start making their way into the rear of your mouth. These are your wisdom teeth.

While some men and women have plenty of space for their wisdom teeth and nothing to worry about, most adults experience excessive crowding. Not only does this make it difficult to floss in between teeth — which can increase your risk of cavities — it can also force teeth to shift.

Your bite may gradually change, and your front teeth may start becoming crooked. That’s why it’s often best to have your wisdom teeth removed, and ideally before they push other teeth out of alignment.

Does it hurt to get my wisdom teeth out?

Coron Dental strives to ensure your extraction procedure is as comfortable as possible. You might feel occasional slight discomfort, but not pain. The team at Coron Dental starts by thoroughly numbing the area with novocaine.

How long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth removal?

Usually just a few days. Plan to rest for the remainder of the day after your surgery. Depending on the complexity of your procedure and your typical daily routine, you might need an additional day to recover. Most patients schedule their wisdom teeth procedures for Friday, so they can go back to work or school on Monday.

Because the team at Coron Dental has extensive training in the latest surgical techniques, they use the most modern tools and equipment to remove wisdom teeth. For instance, the cutting-edge digital imaging system in his office lets your wisdom teeth be seen clearly, all the way down to their complex roots. This ensures your surgery will be as quick and effective as possible.

If you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed, schedule an exam at Coron Dental, either online or over the phone.