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Professional teeth-whitening treatments with Philips® Zoom® help you get the smile of your dreams in a matter of minutes. With expertise in cosmetic dentistry, the team at Coron Dental in Brookline, Massachusetts knows how to safely and effectively whiten your teeth. Use the online scheduling feature to book your next teeth-whitening treatment, or call the clinic to schedule.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why should I have my teeth whitened at the dentist?

Commercial at-home teeth-whitening kits can be disappointing. Patients often complain that they make their teeth and gums hurt. Plus, unless you’re precise, you’re likely to wind up with uneven, blotchy results. You can avoid all of these issues by having your teeth professionally whitened.

When you have your teeth whitened at the dentist with clinical-grade Philips Zoom solutions, you’re getting a premium whitening product with proven results. Your dental practitioner will ensure that your surrounding soft tissues are protected, and will evenly apply the whitening solution one tooth at a time.

What happens during a teeth-whitening appointment?

At Coron Dental, a cheek retractor is used to gain a clear view of your teeth while protecting your cheeks and lips from the whitening agents. Then a layer of whitening varnish is carefully brushed onto each tooth and, if needed, a specialized light is used to help the solution penetrate even deeper.

Once your teeth reach their optimal shade of white, the team at Coron Dental applies a post-treatment gel to protect your enamel and minimize sensitivity. Treatments can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Most patients have professional teeth-whitening appointments along with their routine cleanings and exams, but you can schedule whitening visits at any time.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Professional teeth-whitening treatments with Zoom are long lasting, but they’re not permanent. As long as you brush after meals, floss daily, and schedule dental cleanings twice a year, your whitening treatment can last for several months, or even up to a year.

If you ever start to notice unsightly yellowing developing, you can have the treatment repeated. The team at Coron Dental can also help you decide which at-home treatments can help your beautiful new smile last as long as possible.

Book your professional teeth-whitening treatment at Coron Dental either online or over the phone.